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Fist of Fury: Facebook Killed Off 37% Of Spammers Since June 2012

31 Jan

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If you’ve ever gotten a fake friend request, you know Facebook has spammers. But it’s winning the fight against them. Facebook’s estimate of th..

Justin Ishley‘s insight:

Since a long time all Social Networking sites like Facebook, twitter, G+ and so more and offcourse Search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) are doint their part to fight against spammers.

This is the result of lots of efforts and research these brands are doing to kill spammers and try to make their platforms more live for genuine users. Still lots of work needed to be done. Hope the future will be more bright than expected.

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The Ivy Guide: A Language Translator

30 Jan

The Ivy Guide is a translator that can translate any language while you are reading. It can be fit over a wide range of pen or pencils.

Features of Ivy Guide

1. Can be adjusted to different types of pen or pencil,

2. sponge with good flexibility,

3. Data transfer with laptop,

4. Contactless charging technology with electromagnetic induction

How it works

1. Hold the button of Ivy Guide and underline the content,

2. Loose the button to get translated content,

3. Press the button again to clear it.

By Justin Ishley

Microsoft Releases Office 365 Home Premium known as Office 2013 Suite

30 Jan

Finally Microsoft launches Office 2013 Suite called as Office 365 Home Premium accross the worldwide. Obviously you feel much confortable to use it on your touch screen computers as it is redesigned.

MS Office 2013 Features

Following are the special features of Microsoft Office 365 –

1. Sign-in Facility for Office

Yes, you can use your Microsoft Account install it on your system. This Sign-in facility let’s you do the following things –

  • Stream your Office programs to another computer.
  • Save files to SkyDrive for easy access and sharing.
  • Keep your personal settings wherever you are

2. You can use MS Office 365 Home Premium on up to 5 PCs or Macs with one license. Watch this video how you can do it.

3. Storing Facility on SkyDrive

Microsoft makes it easy to save your Office documents on SkyDrive or other cloud. From there you can easily download and share these documents with your friends, family or colleagues.

4. Shared Meetings

Now you can join online meetings and share any type of Office document. Meeting attendees can see these documents, even if they don’t have Office installed.

Microsoft Lync

5. Free Skype Worldwide Calling

Microsoft also offering 60 free Skype world calling minutes per month. You can to call mobile phones, landlines or PCs around the world. But this facility is available only in few selected countries.

6. Microsoft is also offering 20 GB of SkyDrive cloud storage which is three times the amount available with a free SkyDrive account

By Justin Ishley

Apple 128GB iPad 4, Price in India

30 Jan

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Apple 128GB iPad

Apple has introduced a 128 GB version of iPad, he fourth generation. iPad 4 comes with retina display and is now available at select Apple re-sellers.

Justin Ishley‘s insight:

Apple launches iPad 4 with 128GB storage capacity. It is Wi-Fi enabled that twice its storage capacity from 64GB to 128GB.

Sony to launch a wireless hub called Personal Content Station in April

29 Jan

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Sony wireless hub Personal Content Station

Sony’s personal content station is all set to go on sale in Japan by April 30. The device offers an easy way to store, share, and view your photos and videos from various shooting devices.

Justin Ishley‘s insight:

If you are a Sony fan then this news for you as Sony is ready to launch a wireless hub called Personal Content Station in April. With the help of this hub you can store and share your personal data like pictures and videos.

Price of Sony Personal Content Station:

It will cost you around $299 with lots of features.

Features and Specifications of Sony Personal Content Station: Following are the wonderful features of this Wi-Fi supported hub –

1. Wi-Fi Support,

2. 1 TB of storage space,

3. Slot for memory card,

4. A USB connection,

5. Build in video transcoder to create mobile friendly MP4 files,

6. An HDMI interface,

7. Support for PCS manager applications

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The TrakDot Keeps Tabs on Your Luggage so You Don’t Have To

29 Jan

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Traveling can be a hassle.  Lose your bags and that hassle can become a nightmare.  No clean underwear, no toiletries, and no rain coat for those relentless downpours means a trip that will be spen…

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Jabra launches SPEAK 510 speakerphone with Bluetooth

25 Jan

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Jabra SPEAK 510 speakerphone with Bluetooth

Jabra SPEAK 510 is designed for professionals with an everyday need for audio conferencing or simply hands-free callsJabra SPEAK 510 is designed for professionals with an everyday need for audio conferencing or simply hands-free calls. It functions as a light-weight audio device with its compact design and convenient travel case and 15 hours of battery to keep the conversation alive.

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Unlocking Cellphones Becomes Illegal Saturday in the U.S.

25 Jan

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Unlocking cellphones will no longer be allowed, starting Jan. 26.

Justin Ishley‘s insight:

Advocacy group the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) questions whether the DMCA has the right to determine who can unlock a phone.

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Moves App Journals Physical Activity Without a Wristband

25 Jan

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Moves App to record Physical Activity

Moves passively tracks iPhone users’ daily lives into a diary with a nifty interface.

Justin Ishley‘s insight:

Moves launches today as a free iPhone App available worldwide to help people track their physical activity and keep a daily journal of it.

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Review of the Fujifilm X-E1 | Martin Doppelbauer

24 Jan

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Since many years I am using digital full frame Canon cameras. Starting with the EOS 5D I have now switched to the Mark III. I am not always able or willing to carry the heavy equipment and for such cases I have a second, lighter system. That used to be a Panasonic Lumix G1, which I replaced by a Fuji X-E1 and the 18-55 mm 1:2.8-4 zoom lens at the end of 2012. After several weeks with the Fuji I am still excited by the X-E1. Further down you will find a number of photographs that demonstrate the potential of this camera. But there are not only positive things to report: The X-E1 does have its quirks and I they will also be reported here…..

– Compared to the Canon EOS 5D Mark III –

The images of the X-E1 are of such a high quality that a comparison with the full-frame EOS 5D Mark III seemed reasonable. Both cameras were tested together with their “kit zoom lenses”, the 18-55mm f/2.8-4 on the X-E1 and the 24-105 L f/4 on the Canon.

I have shot hundreds of images in various tests with all ISO and aperture settings. Landscape shots were represented as well as close-ups and photos of test images to determine resolution and moire. Some of the images are available for download in full resolution high quality JPG. You can find the download links at the end of my report.

For fair comparison the settings of both camera systems should be largely identical. This affects focal length, depth of field and exposure (ISO and shutter speed). Due to the different sensor sizes and Fuji’s exaggerated ISO numbers the matter is not so easy.

Focal length and depth of field (aperture) is converted to the crop factor, i.e. with 1.5. For example, a focal length of 23.3 mm on the X-E1 corresponds to the popular 35 mm on a full frame sensor. An aperture of f/5.6 on the Fuji gives a similar depth of field as f/8 at the Canon. I have always reduced the ISO values by 2/3rd steps on the EOS 5D Mark III.

All images were shot in RAW format and developed with Capture One 7.0.2. In some of the X-E1’s pictures the white balance was adjusted according to the EOS 5D, which I generally found slightly more accurate. All other parameters of the RAW software were left at their default values, which is particularly important when comparing noise performance.

The first series is a landscape shot with 35 mm focal length (full format). I used f/11 on both cameras in order to achieve optimal image quality. ISO levels were varied. All shots were taken with self-timer from a tripod. The image stabilizer was turned off. Below is a series of 100% crops from ISO 200 to ISO 6400…..

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