Starting Windows 8 PC in Safe Mode

3 Jun

In earlier versions Windows can be started in Safe Mode by pressing only F8 key while Windows 8 booting up. Since Windows 8 booting process is too fast there is no time to press F8 key at the time of boot.

To tackle this situation here is the simple easy to follow steps to get start your Windows 8 PC in Safe Mode. Here are the steps:

  • Go to the Charms menu
  • Tap on “Change PC Settings” charm then tap on “General”
  • Now go to “Advanced Startup” option and tap on “Restart now”

Wait a while till Choose an Option windows appear.

  • Now tap on “Troubleshoot” then tap on “Advanced Options”
  • Now tap on “Startup Settings” and then tap on “Restart”
  • Now Windows 8 provides you 10 options to for starting the Windows 8.
  • You can choose “Enable Safe Mode” by pressing numeric key “4”

Hooray, you have been successfully start the Windows 8 in Safe Mode.

Watch this video for Live demo:

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