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Starting Windows 8 PC in Safe Mode

3 Jun

In earlier versions Windows can be started in Safe Mode by pressing only F8 key while Windows 8 booting up. Since Windows 8 booting process is too fast there is no time to press F8 key at the time of boot.

To tackle this situation here is the simple easy to follow steps to get start your Windows 8 PC in Safe Mode. Here are the steps:

  • Go to the Charms menu
  • Tap on “Change PC Settings” charm then tap on “General”
  • Now go to “Advanced Startup” option and tap on “Restart now”

Wait a while till Choose an Option windows appear.

  • Now tap on “Troubleshoot” then tap on “Advanced Options”
  • Now tap on “Startup Settings” and then tap on “Restart”
  • Now Windows 8 provides you 10 options to for starting the Windows 8.
  • You can choose “Enable Safe Mode” by pressing numeric key “4”

Hooray, you have been successfully start the Windows 8 in Safe Mode.

Watch this video for Live demo:

Copy Command Prompt output to the Windows Clipboard in simple steps

11 Mar

It was never easy to get your CMD line output to the clipboard. But here I share this video that shows you how to transfer the results of your command prompt command to a text file. You can copy these results to Windows clipboard and then paste them to Notepad or WordPad. Here are the steps:

Just write “: clip” at the end the command of which you want to copy the output and hit the enter.

Now open the Notepad or Wordpad and click on paste.

Who likes a laptop that refuses to start anyways?

1 Jan

Sure it is annoying to find that no matter how much you are trying to boot your Sony VAIO laptop, it won’t start up anyways. Rather than banging the laptop against the wall, how about trying out some easy troubleshooting steps to fix the issue? Yes, you can try them out too even if you are a beginner. Our solution steps do not require you to be a geek to try them out; in just a few minutes you should get your VAIO laptop up and going…

Here is what you can do to initiate the process:

  • Press the ‘Power’ button to turn on your laptop. Make sure that the power light is turned on when you turn on your laptop. If it is not turned on, then make sure that adequate power supply is available to your laptop.
  • If your VAIO laptop is plugged in to an AC outlet, ensure that the AC outlet is providing adequate power supply to your system. In order to verify that sufficient power supply is streaming in, plug another electrical device to that AC outlet to check it.
  • If your Sony VAIO laptop is running on battery power or any other external power source, then plug your system into an AC outlet by connecting it through an AC adaptor. Ensure the safety of the power cord and AC adaptor connections.

You can also perform the following checks in order to ensure proper working of your Sony VAIO laptop:

  • Remove primary as well as travel battery packs. Plug your Sony VAIO laptop in to an AC outlet using the AC adaptor. If your system turns on it means that one of your battery packs needs to be replaced.
  • If the battery light is blinking, it means that your battery pack has reached low battery condition. In such a case, plug your laptop in to an AC outlet using the AC adaptor. Allow the battery to charge for some time.
  • Blow air through the fans in to your Sony VAIO laptop and while doing that, just make sure that you physically stop them from spinning. It is necessary to do this to prevent fan from getting damaged.
  • Clean the fans with a clean cotton cloth. Now, if the fans spin freely the moment you give them a spin, it means they are perfectly fine. If you notice any other condition, understand that it is replacement time.
  • Clean the ‘Cooling Vents’ as buildup inside these vents can impede the proper cooling process of the same.
  • Clean I/O Ports by cleaning the debris which might have accumulated in and around these ports.
  • Clean the RAM with a soft rubber, avoiding any contact with the golden edge of the memory stick. While doing this, disconnect your laptop from the power source. You can also use Cooling Chill Mat to help cool the unit.

Each of the above mentioned measures should help you to start your laptop without an issue. If you are still unable to start it, it may mean that you require technical support for VAIO laptop to get down to the root cause of the same. For that you can visit following links:

Official website –

Third Party Support Companies – and

How to receive Facebook notification messages on mobile via text or SMS

5 Feb

Facebook provides this wonderful service “Text message” to its users. To activate this service you need to registered/activate your mobile number on Facebook. For that just follow these steps:

Step I: Registration/Activation of Mobile number

  1. go to your account Settings page
  2. click on “Mobile” tab
  3. enter your mobile number
  4. shortly you will get a confirmation code on your mobile
  5. write that code in the text box and click on confirm

Step II: Enable/Activate “Text message” service

  1. go to your account Settings page
  2. click on “Notifications” tab
  3. turned on “Text message” mentioned under How You Get Notifications

Facebook Text message on Mobile
Now you can also edit these notifications by clicking on edit and you will get all notifications of messages you have selected via SMS on your mobile.

By Justin Ishley

How to fix Corrupt User Profile in Windows 8 Operating System?

22 Jan

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This article will help you to fix a corrupt profile in Windows 8. User profile is nothing but a Record of user data and it define the working environment…

Justin Ishley‘s insight:

There are two types of user profile in Windows 8 operating system – Live Account and Local Account. Following are the steps to fix the corrupt user profile in Windows 8. Follow this link to know how to fix it.

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View e-mails with Bionic contact lenses

18 Jan

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Bionic contact lenses, an upcoming technology would let you read e-mails and other content right in front of your eyes. The lenses use a sapphire LED and an in-built antenna.

Justin Ishley‘s insight:

Wow… technology makes it possible to view e-mails with the help of Bionic contact lenses.

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How to use Windows 8 Backup and Restore Features?

15 Jan

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Complete guide to understand the Windows 8 backup and restore features. It includes everything in a simple way. Windows 8 file history, windows restore, windows 7 file recovery, windows drive image and more.

Justin Ishley‘s insight:

Windows 8 is not confusing operating system in reality but the Backup and restore features have too many options and create some confusion. This guide will give you a complete understanding of Windows 8 backup and restore features.

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How to Create a Filter in Gmail – TechLea

15 Jan

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Gmail provides an awesome Filters feature which you can use to sort out the incoming emails. It sorts out the emails by applying the actions automatically..

Justin Ishley‘s insight:

Gmail provides an option called email filters which helps you to set up and manage your emails efficiently. Filters is the best features provided by Gmail, here you can organize your email to assort automatically into specific boxes or different folders by applying custom labels to your emails.

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