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Twitter’s Vine made No.1 Spot On Top Free iPhone Apps

9 Apr

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Twitter's Vine in Top Free iPhone Apps

Just Six Months After Being Acquired, Twitter’s Vine Hits #1 Free Spot On Apple’s App Store

Justin Ishley‘s insight:

add your insigTwitter acquired the mini-video-taking app Vine last October before it ever launched, sending everyone into a frenzy about the company getting into the video space.

In late January, Twitter finally launched the app to much applause. Since then, it’s gone from being temporarily removed from the featured section due to an issue over adult content to being used in interesting ways by brands and celebrities.

Today, it all paid off, as it hit the top of the charts for free apps in the U.S., according to co-founder and Creative Director Rus Yusupov:

Hey guys, remember that time we made the No. 1 most popular app in the world? @ckb @dhof @bobby @vineapp…
— Rus Yusupov (@rus) April 8, 2013

Vine: bigger than Batman.…
— Bobby McKenna (@bobby) April 8, 2013ht…

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LovePalz: The Real-Time Virtual Sex Gadget For Long-Distance Couples

20 Mar

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LovePalz, the virtual sex gadget designed for long-distance couples, has finally set a launch date for both its products and Web-based control center.

Justin Ishley‘s insight:

LovePalz, the virtual sex gadget designed for long-distance couples, has finally set a launch date for both its products and Web-based control center. On March 29, you can get your hands (and other parts) on Hera and Zeus, the two devices designed by Taipei-based company Winzz.

The titillating wireless gadget has been generating buzz since announcing pre-orders in September. Winzz says that they received over 5,000 pre-orders within two months, back when the LovePalz set of two devices was available for $94.95 each. Now that the pre-order special has ended, each piece, called the Hera and the Zeus, is available separately for $189. Despite the higher price, Winzz reports that they have sold 1,800 items since February 28.

Lovers can control their LovePalz devices during a cybersex session by using the LovePalz Web site, which also has a mobile version. A spokeswoman told me that the company is still working on launching a LovePalz iOS app, but progress has been delayed because of the App Store’s restrictions on selling adult-themed content.

The Hera resembles a dildo, while the Zeus is like a sleeker, high-tech version of the infamous Fleshlight. (The names are interesting because although ancient Greek deities/husband-and-wife Zeus and Hera were often separated by long distances, that’s because Zeus was off having sex with everyone in the universe besides Hera).

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Why Google redirects Picasa Web Albums to G+ Photos and How to stop it?

6 Mar

Everyone knowPicasa Web Album pic how hard Google is promoting its social networking website Google Plus (G+). Now Google is redirecting to Google Plus photos instead of your Picasa albums. Google has already replaced Picasa Web with Google Plus Photos in Google navigation bar in 2011.

Google Navigation Bar pic

How to stop Picasa Links from redirecting to G+ Photos

If you don’t want to redirect to Google Plus photos from your Picasa Album then just type this URL in your browser address bar. This URL lets you to use the Picasa link  and doesn’t redirect you to Google Plus photos.

Who is killing the newspaper industry, Websites or people?

7 Feb

Today most of the top newspapers are struggling for their survival. Those were the days when people started their day by reading newspaper with a cup of a tea. Now what has changed that this industry is struggling to survive.

death of newspaper industry

In this picture you can see that all top 25 newspapers of America are performing so poor. What are the reasons behind it. Is it digital age or this industry unable to keep up with the pace changing lifestyle of people.

You can share your reason behind it by casting a vote below:

By Justin Ishley

Twitter buys Bluefin Labs a social TV analytics company

6 Feb

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The social-networking giant announced the acquisition, which will give Twitter the ability to better understand how users mix social media and TV. Read this article by Daniel Terdiman on CNET News.

Justin Ishley‘s insight:

Today Twitter confirms that it has bought Bluefin Labs which has specialization in social TV analytics. Now Twitter will get the ability to analyse its users behaviour how they mix social media and TV.

“We believe that Bluefin’s data science capabilities and social TV expertise will help us create innovative new ad products and consumer experiences in the exciting intersection of Twitter and TV.” according to Twitter

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Model-kissing-geek ad helps GoDaddy to post top sales

6 Feb

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 model Bar Rafaeli about to kiss a geek in Go Daddy Ad

The controversial Super Bowl commercial that shows a mismatched couple in a deep kiss gets the company a record amount of new customers and overall sales. Read this article by Dara Kerr on CNET News.

Justin Ishley‘s insight:

Apparently advertising really works. Well, at least if it contains a nerdy geek making out with a blonde model.

The controversial Super Bowl commercial that shows a mismatched couple in a deep kiss gets the company a record amount of new customers and overall sales.

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Google Zeitgeist 2012

6 Feb

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Google Zeitgeist 2012


Justin Ishley‘s insight:

Google released the Zeitgeist 2012 which includes the most searched topics in 2012 from different categories like sports, entertainment, politics, etc., Watch this slide show to know the most searched topics on Google in 2012

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Microsoft and Huawei team up to Sell Windows Smartphones in Africa

5 Feb

Now Microsoft is aiming to target fast growing smart phone market. For that Microsoft team up with Huawei that provides ICT solutions globally and has strong market in Africa.

Microsoft and Huawei announced to launch Huawei 4Afrika which is a Windows phone in Africa.

Specifications of Huawei 4Afrika Mobile

1. 4.0-inch, 800 x 480 resolution LCD screeenHuawei 4Afrika

2. dual-core

3. 1.2GHz processor

4. 512MB of RAM

5. 4GB internal memory with MicroSD card slot

6. 5 megapixel camera with 720p video recording and

7. a front facing VGA camera

8. custom apps

Huawei 4Afrika Mobile Colors– It will be available in blue, red, black and white colors and initially will be launched in seven countries Angola, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, and South Africa later this month.

Cost of Huawei 4Afrika Mobile – It will cost near about $150.


By Justin Ishley

Facebook’s 9th Birthday: A long journey of Social Networking Giant

4 Feb

Facebook 9th BirthdayCongrats to Facebook and its more than one billion users on this wonderful occasion of 9th B’day. This social networking giant was founded in February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his college roommates  Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Presently this social networking giant is facing touch competition from Google plus, twitter and other sites. Here are the some briefs from the 9 years of Facebook –

January 2013 – Facebook launched “Graph Search” that allowed the users to search their friends, likes, photos, places or anything else what their friends have shared.

February 2012 – Facebook launched its IPO (initial public offering) at $38 per share.

January 2012 – Facebook made its “Timeline” (new Facebook Profile) mandatory

December 2011 – Facebook changed its physical address to 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA.

November 2011 – Facebook agreed that it was involved in wrong privacy practices of its consumers/users

September 2011 – Facebook launches a new profile page called “Timeline

August 2010 – Facebook launched location feature that allows the users to share the address in their post.

February 2009 – Facebook launched “Like” button that allows to promote the posts.

April 2008 – Facebook launched “Chat” feature through which users can chat.

May 2007 – Facebook launched a platform for the developers where they can create tools to share photos, playing games, listening music and lots more.

September 2006 – People over 13 can join the Facebook.

September 2004 – Facebook launched the “Wall” which allow users to write on profile pages.

March 2004 – Facebook expanded itself to other colleges and universities.

February 2004 – Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook as a sophomore at Harvard University.

By Justin Ishley

Fist of Fury: Facebook Killed Off 37% Of Spammers Since June 2012

31 Jan

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If you’ve ever gotten a fake friend request, you know Facebook has spammers. But it’s winning the fight against them. Facebook’s estimate of th..

Justin Ishley‘s insight:

Since a long time all Social Networking sites like Facebook, twitter, G+ and so more and offcourse Search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) are doint their part to fight against spammers.

This is the result of lots of efforts and research these brands are doing to kill spammers and try to make their platforms more live for genuine users. Still lots of work needed to be done. Hope the future will be more bright than expected.

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