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USB2USB – Transfer your files hassle free

13 Feb

If you want to make your files transfer from one USB or SD card to other USB or SD card then just buy this wonderful gadget named “USB2USB”. USB2USB is a concept device designed by MIMOS Berhad and the designers are Saharudin Busri, Mohd Nizam Najmuddin, Mohd Rohaizam Mohd Tahar, Nuzairi Yasin, Nazjimee Amat Omar. This card sized device makes your life easy by transferring your photos, videos, documents and any other file to any storage device from other.

Specifications of USB2USB

1. it is a 3mm thick card-sized device that can fit into your wallet or pocket easily,

2. it has OLED touchscreen,

3. it has one SD card slot,

4. it has two USB connectors,

5. it can read all types of popular flash drives and external memory cards,

6. it can be charged using the USB connector.

How USB2USB works

This device works same as a laptop or notebook worked when you transfer a file. In other words you can say this device is the replacement of your laptop or notebook while you try to transfer your data from one USB to other. Here is the process how it works

1. plug-in your flash drive or external memory card to USB2USB in the given slot,

2. now you can browse and view your content on this device

3. transfer or copy-paste your files with the help of drag-and-drop function.

By Justin Ishley